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Welcome to the Kyrmir MMORPG and TDM servers!

We are the oldest network of Gothic Online and Gothic Multiplayer servers that has been running continuously since 2013!
Join our community and create your own history with us!


1. Community Manager

Hey, we are looking for a Community Manager for Kyrmir TDM 

Experience in community management and the ability to write effective posts and lead group discussions are welcome. The candidate should be able to build and maintain relationships with players. We are looking for an objective person, able to keep a cool head, in heated situations. The server is focused on international gameplay, so knowledge of Polish and English will definitely be useful. Other languages are a big plus. 

Role of Community Manager includes: 

  • Working closely with Kyrmir team 
  • Moderating Discord chat 
  • Adding special roles on Discord 
  • Writing announcements (international) and supporting of creation changelogs 
  • Supervising correct running of rounds on the online server
  • Posting current events from the life of the server on site 

If you are a fan of the Kyrmir server and want to support this project, we encourage you to send applications via #ticket 
Describe yourself in a few sentences, and any experience you have in a similar role.



To be able to join the game, you need a minimum operating system of Windows 7 64-bit and Installed Gothic II game with the Night of the Raven expansion,

which you can purchase on platforms such as:

If you are using the original disk version, you need to follow these steps (If you have the Steam/GOG or similar version, skip to step 3)

Step 1

Install Fix 2.6

Step 2

Install Gothic 2 PlayerKit

Step 3

Download the Gothic 2 Online platform installer in the latest version (first column)

Step 4

Install Gothic 2 Online files to the main game folder. Make sure the path is correct.

Step 5

Run the G2O Launcher application and search for the Kyrmir MMORPG server on the list.

Step 6

Now you can double click the left mouse button. Joining the server should start.
If something goes wrong, you can ask for help on the DISCORD server.