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Welcome to the Kyrmir MMORPG and TDM servers!

We are the oldest network of Gothic Online and Gothic Multiplayer  servers that has been running continuously since 2013!
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13. Kyrmir MMORPG insight 01.2024

Hello dear players.

It's been almost a month since the start of closed alpha testing. Concerning this, we would like to give you a little insight into what we are currently working on, and what our plans are.
There will also be a decent dose of screnshoots!

First of all, I would like to thank our testers who report every problem they encounter. With each passing day, thanks to you, this server is closer to opening!

We are currently working on several major modules for the server such as:

- Login system.
- A system for trading between players.
- Trading station system. (Global)
- Character statistics system.
- Party system.
- Equipment upgrade system.
- Balance of the game on the first map. (Khorinis)

Soon (it depends on the release of the full 0.3 update by G2O Team) we will take to the front, among other things:

- A complete rework of the chat .
- A complete rework of the artificial intelligence and monster system.
- Interface scaling and customization system, along with qualitative visual improvements.
- Sorting system for items in inventory.
- Further development of content.
- Addition of localization (translation) content For Polish language and soon English language.
- Continued work on the game's balance.

What we can expect from the launch of the first edition.
- Improvements in gameplay that will have the highest percentage of support among players and administration.
- A greater variety of NPCs.
- A greater amount of content. (Including maps).
- Quality of Life updates. (Including the dungeon system).
- Further development of the storyline.
- A major update to the party system.
- Clan System.


Q: Kyrmir, when?
A: 2024, however, we are unable to give an exact date.

Q: Will there be open testing?
A: Yes, if we consider that the server's level of sophistication allows it. The pre-determined date is the end of Q1  - 2024. However, this date may be changed.

Q: What will this server look like?
A: We are currently focusing on the concept of what you might have experienced in previous years, on top of that we are planning a lot of new systems (Such as the global outpost, or in the future the dungeon system).
We are also planning to revamp some systems such as equipment upgrades and the courier delivery system. There will also be herb quests.

Q: What about the raw material system (old item upgrade)
A: This system, as it was mentioned earlier, will be rebuilt and other raw materials will be required. Whether raw material acquisition activities will return, we do not know at this point.
In the future, there may be another system based on the acquisition of raw materials.

Q: How will there be server events?
A: There will certainly be some, and not just the ones you have experienced in previous years. There will also be new activities.

Q: How many people are currently working on the project?
A: There are currently two people working in the so-called "core" of the team. KimiorV who is responsible for the server code, and TheDual who is in charge of balancing, and organizational issues in general.

Q: Is it possible to help you in any way?
A: Sure, if you have magical abilities - that is, you are a 2d/3d graphic designer, can write script in squirell, are a mapper, or have any other skill useful in gamedev, you can join us.
If you are interested in cooperating, please contact us via private message.

Q: Unfortunately I don't have magical abilities, can I assist you otherwise?
A: Sure. From time to time we announce a recruitment for testers. The main task of such a person is to check on an ongoing basis whether the game is running smoothly.
The second option to support us, is to visit our Patronite and donate any amount there. (Click


Thank you for your attention. Don't forget to visit us at:
- Facebook
- Discord





12. Happy new year! 🎉

🎉✨ Happy New Year 2024! ✨🎉

Dear Friends,

Another chapter of our stories is about to unfold, filled with promises, opportunities, and new adventures.  May the coming year bring us all loads of joy, success, and unforgettable moments spent with our loved ones. 
I wish you the courage to pursue your dreams, the strength to overcome obstacles, and heartfelt moments full of love and happiness. May each day of the New Year be like an unexpected gift, brimming with positivity and accomplished goals! 
Thank you for all the moments shared together in the past year. We are grateful to be a part of your lives and excited to welcome another 365 days of possibilities, smiles, and surprises with you!

Happy New Year! 🎉🥂✨ 


11. Happy Christmas

Dear players,

The Kyrmir MMORPG Team extends warm wishes to all of you. 
We hope you can spend this time with your families and friends, in peace and good health, undisturbed by unforeseen events.

Regarding MMORPG server, we are diligently working to complete the production process of the server. We are confident that the server's full release will take place in the first half of 2024. 

Today, alpha tests started on the gothic 2 online platform. Access to them is available to a selected testing group and people who have made particular contributions to the server. If the test results are satisfactory, we will make the server available to a wider group of players.

For now, stay tuned, and remember there's much for us to accomplish and plenty for you as players to expect.

Additionally, we have included some screenshots to demonstrate our ongoing work. Please keep in mind that the interfaces will appear differently in the final version.


10. [Update] Kyrmir TDM 11.11.2023

-Removed the Free Aim from Heal Other spell (will make it easier to target and heal for e-girl mages)
-Removed the violet skeleton heads from skeletons (lol)
-Changed the texture of White Shadowbeast Boss
-Changed the texture of Blue Golem Boss
-Removed the dark effect from Beliar's Claw and now it uses weapon trails (white things when you attack with a sword)

9. Kyrmir TDM - Round #20 04.11

Another round is over, thank you for your participation. 
Check your place in the ranking!

Congratulations to player Dubiel for taking the first place in the ranking.





To be able to join the game, you need a minimum operating system of Windows 7 64-bit and Installed Gothic II game with the Night of the Raven expansion,

which you can purchase on platforms such as:

If you are using the original disk version, you need to follow these steps (If you have the Steam/GOG or similar version, skip to step 3)

Step 1

Install Fix 2.6

Step 2

Install Gothic 2 PlayerKit

Step 3

Download the Gothic 2 Online  platform installer in the latest version (first column)

Step 4

Install Gothic 2 Online files to the main game folder. Make sure the path is correct.

Step 5

Run the G2O Launcher application and search for the Kyrmir MMORPG server on the list.

Step 6

Now you can double click the left mouse button. Joining the server should start.
If something goes wrong, you can ask for help on the DISCORD server.